Be en­ergy-ef­fi­cient this win­ter

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LOAD shed­ding is upon us, and there seems to be no es­cape.

The big­gest strain on the grid is at the evening peak, be­tween 5pm and 9pm.

This is when mil­lions of people in­crease con­sump­tion by switch­ing on ap­pli­ances for heat­ing wa­ter, cook­ing or en­ter­tain­ment.

These day-to-day func­tions are un­avoid­able, but it is un­nec­es­sary to keep your geyser on over this time, ac­cord­ing to elec­tric­ity sup­plier Eskom.

En­ergy is also con­sumed by ap­pli­ances that are left on when they are not in use, such as hi-fis, DVD play­ers, com­put­ers and TVs.

When in standby mode, they still con­sume up to 50% of the en­ergy they would have if op­er­a­tional.

If pos­si­ble, use dish­wash­ers, tum­ble dry­ers and wash­ing ma­chines af­ter 9pm or at mid­day.

Here are a few en­ergy-sav­ing tips:

Be­fore us­ing a heater, keep warm in front of the TV by cov­er­ing yourself with a blan­ket, snug­gling up with a hot wa­ter bot­tle, or wear­ing an ex­tra jersey.

Use your microwave to cook rather than your oven. It’s quicker and lighter on en­ergy.

Block spa­ces un­der­neath doors and around win­dows to keep the heat in.

Take a shower in­stead of bathing.

Use the money you have saved by con­serv­ing en­ergy to in­vest in these en­ergy-ef­fi­cient so­lu­tions:

In­stead of us­ing a heater in your bed­room, use an elec­tric blan­ket be­cause it con­sumes less en­ergy. But don’t leave it on overnight.

Re­place your elec­tric geyser with a so­lar wa­ter heater or in­stall a heat pump.

Change your show­er­head to an en­ergy-ef­fi­cient low-flow show­er­head.

Swop in­can­des­cent light bulbs for com­pact flu­o­res­cent lamps.

Do your bit this win­ter and en­cour­age your friends and fam­ily to be part of the so­lu­tion, too.

You have the po­ten­tial to re­mind 49 mil­lion people to save power.

Visit for more in­for­ma­tion on how you can con­serve en­ergy

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