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DEAR David Tlale

Sh­washwi will skip the for­mal­i­ties and shoot straight to the point.

You have to stop try­ing so hard to be dif­fer­ent with your fash­ion shows. No­body will think less of you if you have a nor­mal show like all the other de­sign­ers.

When you did the Nel­son Man­dela Bridge, we all thought it was a ge­nius move. Well, maybe not your mod­els, they prob­a­bly hated you for that stunt.

But you missed the mark at Mercedes-Benz Fash­ion Week Joburg last weekend. Nel­son Man­dela Square didn t work. Those poor mod­els looked in pain as they walked on the un­even ground. You didn t even have the de­cency to give them a car­pet.

Clearly you have no idea how hard it is to walk in heels.

One of the poor mod­els even broke a shoe strap.

There was also no mu­sic, which made the whole thing very awk­ward.

How did you ex­pect them to walk in si­lence? It was a lit­tle un­com­fort­able to watch. And last, what s the ob­ses­sion with AL­WAYS be­ing part of your own shows? Let your clothes speak for them­selves.

Stop this be­fore it gets em­bar­rass­ing.

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