Eval­u­ate ev­ery­one at BSA

Per­for­mance ap­praisals would bring or­der

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Box­ing South Africa is an ap­pendage of the gov­ern­ment’s depart­ment of sport and recre­ation.

On that ba­sis, per­for­mance ap­praisals at BSA should be com­pul­sory and there should be con­se­quences should one fail to meet the re­quired stan­dards.

Pri­vate sec­tor em­ploy­ees go through this ex­er­cise ev­ery year and there are set stan­dards, re­me­dial ac­tion and con­se­quence management dur­ing the whole process.

To a larger or greater ex­tent, per­for­mance ap­praisals are a barom­e­ter in em­ployee re­trench­ments, salary in­creases or pro­mo­tions in the com­pany struc­tures.

The sports min­istry, un­der Tokozile Xasa, is ex­pected to also do per­for­mance ap­praisals on the in­di­vid­ual mem­bers of the BSA board.

The re­sults of such an ex­er­cise should be shared with box­ing li­censees.

Management staff at BSA, un­der the chair­man­ship of Peter Ngatane, must all go through this dash­board ex­er­cise. So why are board mem­bers ex­empted from this nec­es­sary ex­er­cise?

Also, provin­cial man­agers should come un­der scru­tiny. Af­ter all, tour­na­ments take place in their do­mains.

Both BSA’s sanc­tion­ing and rat­ings com­mit­tees must also be mea­sured on the ba­sis of over­all per­for­mances.

The fun­da­men­tal logic in the sci­ence of per­for­mance ap­proval is that one is con­fronted with ei­ther the fail­ure or suc­cess of his or her ac­tions while ex­e­cut­ing their du­ties.

In this re­spect, ring of­fi­cials whose ac­tions leave much to be de­sired can be given proof of their poor per­for­mances.

Se­ri­ously, BSA will have a proper head-count of how many ring of­fi­cials there are in each prov­ince.

Ide­ally, per­for­mance ap­praisals should be done af­ter ev­ery tour­na­ment.

In this re­gard, these of­fi­cials can still be sub­di­vided into lo­cal, re­gional, provin­cial, na­tional and in­ter­na­tional per­form­ers.

Lastly, such an ex­er­cise would bring back into the fold ex-box­ers as ring of­fi­cials.

It is my view that these box­ers would out­per­form, out­fox, out­ma­noeu­vre and out­gun some of the cur­rent of­fi­cials do­ing duty dur­ing box­ing tour­na­ments.

This would also en­able BSA to some­how put a cap on some of the nig­gling is­sues.

For ex­am­ple, what is the re­tire­ment age of ring of­fi­cials?

In pur­suit of their own ob­jec­tives, in­ter­na­tional sanc­tion­ing bod­ies willy-nilly ap­point their own of­fi­cials for their fights.

They are de­lib­er­ately up­stag­ing BSA. The need for a per­for­mance ap­praisal plan will put an end to all the non­sense cur­rently be­set­ting the sport.


Sibu­siso Msibi /

Box­ing SA chair­per­son Peter Ngatane.

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