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Kap River reserve left in sorry state


The Kap River Nature Reserve was the pride of Ndlambe in 2000 when I came to live here – but no longer!

In fact it’s a disgrace – completely neglected! Paths are overgrown or completely impenetrab­le and alien plants thrive. Where the Kap River works its way towards the Fish River it is heavily clogged with reeds and aliens.

One can no longer do the canoe trips up river unless you go to Nature View Farm and hire canoes there. In fact you can’t even get to the river edge anymore there. How very sad.

There has been a steady deteriorat­ion over the last eight to 10 years and what used to be an exciting place to explore for birds, a variety of vegetation and its beauty, is no longer.

The picnic spot was ruined when many trees were chopped down and it is not maintained. It’s a tragedy.

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