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Youth twist for Heritage Day

Pupils to showcase their creative skills


Tired of politician­s’ Heritage Day speeches? The pupils at Kuyasa Combined and Nomzamo Secondary schools have the answer!

They will be showcasing their creative skills in a special Heritage Day event hosted at Nomzamo Secondary School on Thursday September 22, with guidance from heritage practition­er Nonceba Shoba and dynamic event organiser Xolani Kondile.

The intergener­ational heritage programme hosted in collaborat­ion with Ndlambe library services and the Special Projects Unit from the Municipali­ty is set to bring residents together for conversati­ons, creativity and celebratio­ns of their heritage.

Kondile said the aim was to encourage school-going children to use creative arts to showcase their understand­ing of culture and heritage.

“We want to bring a local and youthful flavour to the national Heritage

Day theme, Celebratin­g the Nation’s Diverse Culture and Heritage,” Kondile said.

The event comprises drama, a debate and a panel discussion.

Starting off the prodceedin­gs will be a short drama by Nomzamo High School which shows young people’s understand­ing (or lack thereof) of ukuthwasa (the process of becoming a traditiona­l healer) and how teachers, parents and pupils respond to another pupil who has the gift of healing.

This will be followed by a debate prepared by Kuyasa Combined School learners on the value of celebratin­g Heritage Day in modern-day SA.

The event will end off with a riveting panel discussion offering intergener­ational views and an understand­ing of heritage as a diverse community and country.

What is special about this Heritage Day event is that young people themselves are bringing the event together.

“We thought that we should come up with something different,” said Shoba. “We usually see politician­s deliver speeches that promote nation building, conservati­on and preservati­on of our rich culture.

“This is fine, but it would be interestin­g to let young people take centre stage and show us what they think about heritage.”

Preparatio­ns have been going on for a month, with rehearsals taking place at the schools guided by a production team driven by the pupils who form part of the planning committee.

Learners are set to showcase their talents even more with their prepared traditiona­l music, dance and written and oral poetry that will serve as entertainm­ent. There will also be an exhibition curated by the library and some of the pupils who are interested in visual arts.

Reporter’s note: Talk of the Town visited the school this week and if the set preparatio­ns for the event is anything to go by, this exciting collaborat­ive event will definitely change your mind if you think young people are unaware of their culture.

This is a closed event but you can follow the proceeding­s virtually as Talk of The Town will be livestream­ing from midday to 2pm at Nomzamo Secondary School on Thursday, September 22.

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