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The next round of the Dias competitio­n took place on Wednesday and the winners on the day were Anthony Copeman, Kevin Bates, Lee Slater and Esme Bergh.

Internal matches continued, but there are a lot that still need to be completed so please get these matches played.

Friday evening draws saw the whisky was won by Tracy Cox, the PT Meat Draw by Roy Gordon and Pippa Swift the consolatio­n prize.

This Friday is the turn of the PT Trips, so get your names on the list, and come join the bring and braai afterwards.


The Kowie Bowling Club had another full week of wonderful bowling. Other than being distracted now and again by the two pairs of crowned eagles circling above the dassie-infested kranz, it was eyes on the kitty, taking grass, and winning the end for your team.

Tuesday’s generously sponsored SPAR voucher tabs in competitio­n was wellattend­ed, and won by John Knepscheld and his able team of Mike Ryan and Ruth Walker.

Wednesday again saw a lovely crowd enjoying some fun in the sun with the novice group, with others honing their skills on adjacent rinks for the upcoming competitio­ns. On Thursday afternoon, it was back into competitio­n mode for the prestigiou­s Vroom and Timm cups against the Port Alfred Bowling Club.

Playing in sunny weather, the four mens teams won three games and drew one, ending on 7 points and a shot difference of +39 for the day.

The progressiv­e scorecard after four rounds, shows Kowie are leading the Timm Cup on a healthy 27 points with a shot profit of +159.

Port Alfred are on 5 points with shot difference of -159.

In the Vroom Cup, our ladies won one game and lost the other, to end on 2 points and a shot difference of -14 for the day. The progressiv­e scorecard after four rounds shows Port Alfred are leading the competitio­n on 10 points, with a shot difference of +31 shots with Kowie on 6 points, with shot difference of -31.

If Kowie want the victory, they need to win both their last round games convincing­ly. You go girls.

There’s only one round of both of these competitio­ns left, to be played at Port Alfred on November 9.

There was also a tabs in winner for the rest of the club on Thursday, with Wendy Heny, Di Gruneberg and Gill Turner’s team crowned Queen’s of the castle for the day.

Friday afternoon saw the long-awaited ladies Open Singles Championsh­ip played between Jackie Kriel and Ronel Hough. After being down most of the game, Ronel fought back gallantly to pip Jackie right at the end of a tightly-contested match. Other matches are still to be played before the finals.

Saturday saw a good turnout for the tabs in competitio­n, with John Hubbard and his team of Michael Van der Sandt and Uncle Don Kelly walking away as the winners of the day.

Sixteen teams took to the greens and played in the annual Buco Trips sponsored competitio­n. The competitio­n the was A divided and B men into’three s sections sections, and one ladies section.

The winners of the mens A was Jonty Alexander’s team of Andrew Meyer and Peter May from Kowie, who won all five of their games. Winners of the B section was the PA team of Chris Avis, Phil Taylor and Grumpy Enslin.

The ladies section was won by Judy Alexander, Wendy Heny and Evie Swanepoel from Kowie. The overall winners for the day were Kowie, with Port Alfred in second spot and the Buco team coming in third.

Congratula­tions to Jason, Stephen, Stan, Denny, Jackie and Megan for being invited to the EP squad practise over the weekend.


The Timm and Moore Cup was played at Kowie Bowling Club last Thursday with poor results going Port Alfred’s way.

However, Ron Orford’s team of Fred Stowe and Jaco van Niekerk managed to peel their game with the other teams all going down.

However, in the women’s section, there was a great win for Lynda Schoning, Collette Reid and Julie Sluziuk, while Elzabe’s team of Joan Jacobs and Mary McLean after holding a two shot lead on the last end, sadly went down.

On Saturday, the Guido’s-sponsored tabs-in afternoon was won by Trevor Frost and his team. Many thanks to Guidos for their vouchers.

0n Sunday, the Buco Trips was held at Kowie with Chris Avis, Phil Taylor and Grumpy Enslin topping section A at the end of the day.

The PA ladies team of Lynda, Jenny Frost and Anna Strombeck ended second.*

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