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Zero to G2C Hero training programme


Week 6 (24-30 October 2022) 6-hour week aimed at building speed and tapering. You may switch days around to suit you, but make sure you have adequate recovery between each session. If you have been following the programme, you should have some good miles in your legs and some muscle tension after the efforts. After this week, there is one week to taper and take it easy before the race day.


● Keep the momentum going and use your motivation to pay more attention to your diet.

● Eating healthily will aid your recovery.

● Remember to warm up before and cool down after your rides to reduce the chance of injury.



Tuesday (ride time 1 hour)

On a steep hill – plan to repeat this hill five times. Choose a hill (or section of one) that takes you less than two minutes to climb. Take 5-10minutes recovery between each effort (ie easy pedalling on a level section). On the hill you should be in Zone 4 (max).

Wednesday (1 hour)

Easy ride, light gears - Zone 1-2 Thursday (1 hour)

Warm up well for 15 minutes and then:

Get in 2x10 minutes in Zone 3.

Recover between each interval for 10 minutes.

Friday Rest Saturday (2.5 hours)

Last long ride before the event: Zone 2 over a varied terrain. If you can, simulate (or ride on) the race route.

Sunday (2 hours)

Easy ride using light gears: Keep in Zone 2 most of the time. Get in 4 x hill efforts in Zone 3.

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