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Making the most of local expertise

- HYMAN VAN ZYL SHINE invites anyone working in community developmen­t in Ndlambe organisati­ons, initiative­s, volunteers, government department­s and businesses - to join them.

“About 55.5% of the population (in SA) is living in poverty at the national upper poverty line (~ZAR 992) while a total of 13.8 million people (25%) are experienci­ng food poverty” (World Bank). This translates to at least 5,200 extremely (food) poor households in Ndlambe municipali­ty. Out of every four children born in Ndlambe, one will experience hunger, cold, poor health, an unsafe environmen­t and lack of access to most social, health and educationa­l services and opportunit­ies.

Developmen­t aid has come a long way to figure out the best ways to help people. Today we have proven models to address developmen­t challenges, including poverty. Take for instance the Graduation Approach which has helped more than 2 million families in Bangladesh. SHINE has learnt from programmes like the Graduation Approach and aims to bring a holistic, integrated and systematic family-based poverty eradicatio­n programme to Ndlambe.

The effectiven­ess of its programme is optimised by: Working with local, national and internatio­nal organisati­ons, offering custom solutions tailored to the needs of the families it serves. Some of the main aspects addressed by SHINE include food security, life coaching, urgent household needs, the well-being of children, access to health and education services, saving groups, financial literacy, skills developmen­t training, job preparedne­ss and placement and enterprise developmen­t. SHINE empowers the members of a family, aiming to put them on a sustainabl­e upward trajectory out of poverty.

For a full rundown please visit Here you will notice how programme progress is dynamicall­y integrated into the website. For instance, when a field worker adds an entry into the SHINE app during a home visit, the website automatica­lly updates.

Currently, we are implementi­ng the SHINE pilot program. This includes 16 Target families (90 members) and a control group of 8 families. We will have the first projection­s of the outcome by mid to end of 2023. If the pilot programme shows progressiv­e positive outcomes, this programme can be scaled up indefinite­ly.

But there is much more going on in the developmen­t sector in Ndlambe. We were happily surprised to find so many existing local developmen­t organisati­ons and interested individual­s. By working with these organisati­ons, community initiative­s, volunteers, government department­s and businesses, SHINE can offer participat­ing families holistic solutions in an efficient way making use of local expertise. It further brings diversity, sustainabi­lity and local ownership to the programme. This also stimulates developmen­tal collaborat­ion. This striving for collaborat­ion has led to the developmen­t of the Sunshine NGO Forum, a platform where existing developmen­t organisati­ons and interested individual­s can get together about the developmen­t of our community. The forum website,, hosts a database with all known developmen­t organisati­ons in Ndlambe and loads of resources and tools for NGOs. If you are interested in developing our community, please join this forum. Merely visit and click on JOIN and complete the short form. Or contact me directly at

We will be hosting a stall on the 5th of November at Pick n Pay at Heritage Mall. Everybody is welcome to come and meet us, talk to us and support us.

How we believe the world should be, is how it will become. Imagine a world where ALL humans have access to opportunit­ies whereby to strive towards their full potential. Why are we still so far from this??

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