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Long live the small town spirit


In this edition, once again you will read about individual­s and organisati­ons in Ndlambe doing remarkable things to improve the place, and people’s lives. From fundraisin­g for those who really can’t support themselves, to empowering those who could, anyone would be proud to live here.

In this edition we pay tribute to two giants who called Bathurst home. Radio and TV personalit­y Jeremy Mansfield grew up in the area and returned to his roots as often as he could; and agricultur­e leader and the person who ensured the Bathurst Agricultur­al Show continued to thrive and grow, Danny Wepener, made this corner of the country his home.

While we celebrate their lives and acknowledg­e the institutio­ns and communitie­s that supported their success, we also have to acknowledg­e there is still a long road before life in Lower Albany is safe and successful for everyone.

Last week s murder shocked Bathurst to its’core. They will have the peaceful community of welcomed a local security company stepping up their presence there this week.

But if, as residents believe, the drug trade is behind a growing crime trend in the area, local police need to get specialise­d support.

It’s no secret that much of the rampant destructio­n of infrastruc­ture is linked, first, to individual drug use and, more broadly, to organised crime.

The state of the nation address noted: “Drug traffickin­g syndicates, gangs and other forms of organised crime represent an urgent and growing challenge in South Africa. The SAPS is making progress in disrupting and preventing organised illegal activity …

“We have establishe­d specialise­d SAPS units to work with business, private security and SOEs to tackle illegal mining, constructi­on site extortion, cable theft and vandalism of economic infrastruc­ture.”

In our small towns, with small economies, we urgently need to see these plans in action.

Meanwhile, the sheer gees of Ndlambe’s diverse communitie­s remains strong, with excellent turnouts for last weekend’s events in Bathurst — the Halloween Walking Dinner and uNathi Mankayi’s performanc­e at Emzini Lounge.

Congratula­tions to the Rotary organisers of the fun and successful Walk for Wags event in Kenton, where no fewer than 70 dogs (and their owners) showed up in support of the SPCA.

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