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EC veteran auctioneer to launch book


Former auctioneer Andrew Hutchinson is holding a double launch of his new book Puff Adders in the Panicum in Port Alfred on Tuesday.

The collection of true auctioneer­ing stories come from a career he describes as “a roller coaster life of deals, deals behind deals” in the Eastern Cape’s world of cattle, property and wildlife.

In the foreword Hutchinson explains that panicum is a particular­ly sweet pasture grass, excellent for fattening livestock.

“Offerings of sweet success and prosperity are real – however, beware the puff adders in the panicum,” he writes.

As revealing the snake in the grass didn’t sound intriguing enough, Hutchinson will be based in the Ski Boat Club all day on Tuesday November 8, together with Roy Hewett (yes, your old headmaster!), to talk about selfpublis­hing, e-publishing, audio publishing and other services offered by East London-based Harry’s Printers.

Hutchinson will hold two launches on Tuesday – at 10am and at 6pm.

You can call Praveena Karson (084625-5474) or Roy Hewett (083-5883938) for more informatio­n.

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