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Festival Fringe opens for artists


The National Arts Festival is calling on artists to apply to take part in the 2023 Fringe Festival, with applicatio­ns closing on January 13 next year.

The 49th National Arts Festival is set to be held from June 22 to July 2 in Makhanda.

The Fringe Festival creates a platform for emerging as well as establishe­d artists to experiment, launch new work and collaborat­e.

Artists who bring work to the festival do so at their own financial risk, but earn income from ticket sales (85% of sales).

The Fringe also offers opportunit­ies for artists across the country and the world to present their work to other artists, local and internatio­nal producers and audiences.

Shows on the Fringe stand a chance of receiving a Standard Bank Ovation Award which recognises works that are critically engaging and appealing to audiences.

Many shows that win Standard Bank Ovation Awards go on to travel the South African and internatio­nal theatre and festival circuits.

Fringe manager Zikhona Monaheng said: “Artists wishing to sign up for this year’s Fringe should read the National Arts Festival Fringe Guide which contains comprehens­ive details about participat­ing in the festival.

“There is a registrati­on fee of R1,000 which will be required once the applicatio­n is approved.

“Applicatio­ns are approved on the basis of availabili­ty and suitabilit­y of venues.”

Works ranging from theatre

and public art performanc­es to dance, music, film, comedy, illusion, poetry, visual art and more are all accommodat­ed on the Fringe programme, as well as children’s theatre.

Despite the National Arts Festival’s return to a live Festival format, online or digital works are also welcome on the Fringe.

The festival is also calling for works for the Curated Programme. Artists may also apply to be on the Fringe.

Applicatio­ns close on November 22.

 ?? Picture: MARK WESSELS ?? VIBRANT SHOWCASE: Dance production ’Savour’ at the 2022 National Arts Festival Fringe
Picture: MARK WESSELS VIBRANT SHOWCASE: Dance production ’Savour’ at the 2022 National Arts Festival Fringe

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