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You’ve put in the miles now enjoy the ride!


Bike Preparatio­n

Make sure your equipment is in good working order and ready for the race: It’s no use in doing all the hard training, only to be let down by your equipment.


Make sure you have sealant in your tyres and tyres are at the right pressure. Check with your local bike store on these pressures. Also check the condition of the tyres. No large cuts or damage to the tyre.


Check your fork and shock pressure make sure it ’ s at the correct pressure for your weight.

Bike gears and brakes

Nothing more frustratin­g when your gears are jumping, or you are not able to use the full range of your gearing. Check that your brakes work well too, enough meat on your brake pads and there is pressure on your hydraulic brakes.

Over and above the mentioned its generally a good idea to make sure your bike is working correctly and ready for a tough race.

Race Day Checklist

Don’t forget any of the following essentials for the race start: Helmet



Race number


Rain Jacket

Cycling kit – bib shorts and cycling shirt/ jersey and socks

Spares - tyre pump (to take with on the ride) or C02 cartridges, cartridge (“bomb”) adapter, plugs, tyre gator, spare tube, tyre levers, multi tool (preferably with a chain breaker), chain link (in case your chain breaks and you can shorten the chain or add a link). Make sure your chain has enough chain lube on before you start .


Nutrition is very important. Know what works best for you and don’t try products that you have not tried before on the race day. A product, food or prerace eating regime that works for some may not be the right thing for you.

Peter Southwood of Cycle Asylum in Port Alfred is the person who has provided your week by week training guide and here is what he suggests:

Oats, Muffins, Scones, toast, boiled eggs, or plain pasta for breakfast;

To take with you on the ride – bananas, small roll with Nutella, jam, or cheese. Energy bar, rice cakes or even a boiled potato. Most important is your hydration: water or an energy supplement (something that you have tried and used before.)

Good luck for the race - enjoy the ride and remember to pace yourself!


You can pick up your race pack from 2pm-4pm) at PJ Olivier High School in Makhanda. where there will also be an all-day market including food and drink stalls and a bouncy castle and face painting for kids. At 2pm there will be a Corporate Challenge. Businesses and organisati­ons are invited to enter a four-person team and vie for the Bruce Littledesi­gned floating trophy. Funds from this will go directly to LIV Village Makhanda. PJ Olivier is also the host venue for the Oldenburgi­a Trail runs on Saturday 5 November - entry and more informatio­n on the Get out and Run website

On Sunday, the G2C finishes at the Port Alfred Country Club. The Port Alfred Country Club offers a safe place for friends and families to watch their participan­ts finish.

There will be a bouncy castle for kids, the Spur food truck, a coffee stall and the Country Club bar will be open. DJ Music and Radio Algoa’s Neil Bisseker will provide entertainm­ent.

For directions, follow the link and save it for race day:­022 There is only one entrance to the Country club for parking: please enter through Atherstone road only. The gate at the river (French Street) will be closed.

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