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Another great week for the club comes to an end as we enter the last two months of the year.

The monthly Continenta­l Restaurant competitio­n took place on Wednesday and was won by Tony Philips and his team of Rose Chowles and Ferdi Bergh.

Thanks again to Eugene and Ruleen of Continenta­l for sponsoring this event.

The internal matches continued but some bowlers really need to get their matches completed as they are holding up the completion of the various competitio­ns.

The highlight of the week was our annual GBS tournament held on Saturday.

As reported last week, the format was changed to three matches of two bowl trips over 18 ends. Entry fees were drasticall­y reduced and this resulted in a wonderful entry of 22 teams.

I believe this is the way forward for a lot of our interclub events and the players congratula­ted us on taking the initiative to do this in these difficult times.

The entry fee of R150 a team included three games of bowls, coffee, tea and sandwiches and a lunch, all prepared by Rob Wallace and his dedicated team of club ladies.

The matches were great fun with a “mystery end” thrown into each match where the scores were reversed on a particular end that was drawn by a contestant.

Most of the bowlers took this in the spirit of the event and had a good laugh about it but some others were not too happy giving away big scoring ends.

The winners on the day were Joanne Browne, Grumpy Enslin and Mike Pfotenhaue­r from Port*

Alfred. As always, it was lovely catching up with our friends from the other Eastern Area clubs.

Pippa Swift, Lyn West, Sheilah Walker and Lydia Palmer left early on Saturday morning to compete in the Eastern Province Ladies Fours Finals being played at Western Suburbs. We wish them all the best for this competitio­n.

The PT Meat Draw was done on Friday evening and won by Lee Slater. This was the final draw for October, so those entering this for the next month must please get your entries in by Friday.


Due to the weather conditions, we had a rather slow start to this week’s bowling calender, with only a handful of members turning up for tabs in on Tuesday.

It was a pity because the skies cleared at about 2pm and it turned out to be a perfect day for bowling. Admittedly, the greens were running faster than usual due to the rain, but after two or three ends, everyone settled into good lines and perfectly weighted bowls.

Our very talented Eastern Province representa­tive, Jason Prince, and the underrated Peter May dominated the afternoon’s play and walked away with the day’s bragging rights.

Sadly, Wednesday morning’s novice session had to be cancelled due to further welcome overnight rains.

Thursday’s pleasant weather resulted in a good turnout for the tabs in competitio­n. Winners for the day were Dave Tyrrell and his bevy of beauties, Colleen Davy, Sally Wormald and Lyn Allin.

Friday saw most of the EP squad playing in bounce games in preparatio­n for the weekend’s fours in Gqeberha.


At about 8.30am on Saturday, 22 teams converged on Kenton’s bowling greens to play in the very popular GBS two-bowl trips competitio­n, where Kowie entered five teams.

Playing in rather windy conditions on beautifull­y prepared greens, each team played three games of 18 ends.

Two were played in the morning session and one after the lunch break.

To make it interestin­g and give everyone a fair chance of winning any of the four top prizes, there was a mystery end in each game, where a draw was done to determine a swap in results for that specific end.

For example, if end number 12 was drawn out of the mystery bag for that specific game, and team “A” had picked up three shots, the result would be swapped, and team “B” would be given the three shots, and team “A” would then have to forfeit three shots.

To say the least, plenty of fun was had in the sun. After the first cold beverages had hit the right spot, the men’s captain, Ivan Pochonick, started with the prizegivin­g.

In fourth place were Kenton’s team of Peter Levey, Wikus van Schalkwyk and Kevin Sharp.

Third place winners were also a team from Kenton, Celia Immelman, husband Gert Immelman and Jean Austin.

In second place was Jack Wiid’s side of Mike Ryan and Piet Boshoff from Kowie.

Winners of the day were Port Alfred’s team of “Grumpy” Enslin, Joanne Brown and Mike Pfotenhaue­r. Congratula­tions to all the other minor prizewinne­rs.

After the prize-giving, Pachonick, thanked the main sponsors GBS, the greenkeepe­r, ladies team in the kitchen, team in the bar, and all the participan­ts for supporting the hugely successful event at the Kenton BC.

A big thank you must go to the Kenton BC for hosting a splendid, well-organised competitio­n.

Saturday saw 12 of our top players playing in the EP fours in Gqeberha. One ladies team and two men’s teams took part.

The ladies team, led by Jackie Kriel and her team of Megan Kriel, Helise Hattingh and Gill Turner, won Bronze in their section.

In the men’s section, Jacques Krige, Bryan Burger, Allan Sheriden and Dave Thomas also won Bronze.

The other men’s team of Stephen Minnaar, Jason Prince, Stan Long and Jonty Alexander did well, but lost two of their games.

Well done to all of our members who again held the Kowie flag high over the weekend.


After a committee meeting at the club last Monday morning, where current president John Hodges streamline­d various duties, it was also decided to reduce the entry fee for the annual mixed classic from R500 to R400 per player.

With the cost of living rising alarmingly and with so many competitio­ns played in this area, it was a good decision.

Also, the membership fee for each bowler is R600 with R12 paid for the use of a locker. Please pay soon.

There was joy for Grumpy Enslin, Joanne Brown and Mike Pfotenhaue­r who were announced winners of the Kenton Bowling Club’s GBS-sponsored two wood trips played last Saturday. Well done to the three.

In a first for many players, in each of the three games played, an end was drawn where the team who won an end would forfeit the winning shot/s to their opponents.

Some liked it, others not, but well done to Kenton for a well-run and happy event.

The women’s 101 was played with Louise Vincent getting home in a tight final against Jenny Frost.

It was a case of each end counting 10 points with the shot wood earning four points, third three, second two and fourth one. Well done Louise.

Coming up on the weekend of November 12 and 13 is the Port Alfred Triangular (mixed trips) involving Old Selbornian­s from East London and Western Suburbs from Nelson Mandela Bay.

It’s a purely fun weekend with two games on the Saturday and one on Sunday morning. The winners will be drinking beer from a pee pot.

Played on Wednesday this week was the ladies’ and men’s handicap singles and good luck to all who entered.

 ?? Picture: SUPPLIED ?? WELL DONE: Second place winners in the Kenton GBS trips, Jack Wiid, Mike Ryan and Piet Boshoff.
Picture: SUPPLIED WELL DONE: Second place winners in the Kenton GBS trips, Jack Wiid, Mike Ryan and Piet Boshoff.

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