Talk of the Town



● MONDAY 9.23am, Pascoe Crescent – Armed response and SAPS attended to break-in.

● MONDAY 9.23am, Causeway Road – Armed response attended to alarm signal, reported vandalism.

● TUESDAY 12.30am, Beach Crescent – While patrolling, armed response noticed a hole had been cut in a fence.

● TUESDAY 9.30am, Tern Street – Armed response attended to a break-in.

● WEDNESDAY 4.05pm, Albany Road – Armed response informed about someone stealing aluminium frames. Suspect caught and handed over to SAPS.

● WEDNESDAY 1.55am, Keey Street – Client reported copper pipes stolen, armed response patrolled the area.

● THURSDAY 11.15pm, Atherstone Road – Armed response attended to panic signal, client reported suspect on site, patrolled the area.

● SATURDAY 3.14pm, Hard Street – Client reported suspect stealing copper pipes on site, armed response attended, patrolled the area.

● SUNDAY 7.30am, Hill Street – Client reported she saw a handbag lying on the side of the road. Armed response attended and found a moon bag with items and handed it in at the police station.

● SUNDAY 12.40pm, Sealord’s Way – Client reported suspect on site, suspect fled before armed response arrived. Patrolled area.

● MONDAY 4.50am, Hard Street – Armed response attended to a panic signal, client reported more copper pipes stolen.

● MONDAY 5.20am, Oriole Road – Client phoned in, reported positive break-in, armed response and SAPS attended.

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