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Garage damaged in Settlers Park fire


Port Alfred Settlers Park Retirement Village had a fire incident on Tuesday November 1 in the evening. No one was reported injured.

“A fire broke out in the garage of one of our cottages somewhere between 7pm and 7.30pm on1 November,” General Manager Derek Thompson said.

“Fortunatel­y no one was injured.”

Thompson said the main damage was in the garage and a portion of the kitchen. He said the full extent of the damage was being determined by the insurance assessors.

Speaking about the directly affected individual­s, he said, “The resident couple is being accommodat­ed in one of our Trust cottages and supported by our care staff.”

Derek thanked those who helped during the incident.

“The Park wishes to laud the actions of the first responders, who were the neighbours, the Starlight security guards, Care Centre staff and of course the Fire Brigade,” he said.

Fortunatel­y no one was injured

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