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With the easterly pumping this week, our greens were a little quieter, but those who did turn out, played some good bowls.

Thursday was SPAR day and the lucky winners of the SPAR vouchers were Rob Bowker and Corrine Brown. Our thanks go to SPAR for their continued support.

It was our monthly social on Saturday, sponsored by Kenton Garden Services, which does such a great job in keeping our club grounds looking spick and span.

The prize winners were the team of Dave Freeme, GertImmelm­an and Ian Edwards.

Tony Phillips won the PT Meat Draw on Friday evening after teams finished playing the Rockabowls that Sheila Walker had organised.

It was great seeing non-bowlers from the community also playing.

We are just over a week away from our Kenton Bowls Mixed Classic, from November 15-16. Contributi­ons to the various hampers can be left at the clubhouse. Volunteers are needed.


With the greens in pristine condition after the previous two weeks of intermitte­nt rains, the week got off to a good start.

The winning team for the SPAR sponsored tabs in competitio­n on Tuesday was our club captain Jonty Alexander and his team of Dave Tyrrell and man of the match, Leigh Evans, who just couldn’t put a foot wrong. Wednesday’s novice session had a good turnout, with plenty fun had.

Playing in cool breezy weather, Thursday afternoon’s tabs in competitio­n was won by John Hubbard and his team of Dave Tyrrell (again) and Rob Turner.

They won the food vouchers generously sponsored by “The Boys” at Penny Farthing.

After tabs in, the club held a wellattend­ed meeting at which urgent topics and financial updates on club issues were discussed. Club duties and the upcoming Christmas dinner were also finalised. In* short, it was agreed there would be a slight increase in our yearly subscripti­ons and tabs in fees, which will be implemente­d shortly.

Friday saw several players from out of town playing in the upcoming Triangular competitio­n, practising with their teams.

Playing in super weather and on beautifull­y prepared greens, Saturday afternoon saw Kowie hosting Walmer and the combined team from Kei Mouth and Morgans Bay at the annual Kowie Triangular competitio­n, generously sponsored by Multi Security.

Each team entered four teams who each played who games consisting of 15 ends. There were 10 points up for grabs per game. Each game had three skins of five ends, with two points per skin and four points for a win.

Walmer won five of their eight games and were the overnight leaders.

Kowie also won five games but were slightly behind in shot difference.

The combined Kei Mouth/Morgan Bay team battled a bit to say the least.

After the results for the day were shared on the big screen, a huge fire was lit, and a steak evening enjoyed by all.

The second round of games got off to an early Sunday morning start. Again the weather was bowler-friendly, which saw some top-class play.

After completing the two games for the day, a late lunch was enjoyed by all. The results were as follows: Walmer took no prisoners on the second day by winning 12 of their 16 games, ending on 113 points with a shot difference of +66.

Kowie ended second, by winning nine of their 16 games, ending on 82 points with a shot difference of +30.

The battling Kei Mouth/Morgan Bay teams won The Bottom, a “floating trophy” (excuse the pun).

The weekend ended on a high note with our president, Judy Alexander, thanking the main sponsor, Multi Security, as well as: Lyn Allin and her team in the kitchen for the splendid food; Michael van de Sandt and his team for our excellent greens; Stephen Minnaar and Michael for the delicious Sunday roast; Andrew Meyer and his team for running the bar; and lastly, all the visitors.

Special thanks was given to the competitio­n organisers from Kowie.


Excitement is mounting fast with the annual triangular taking place this weekend. Two games get played on Saturday and one Sunday morning.

Some players have made themselves available for both days while some are in teams set for either Saturday or Sunday. It is a hugely fun event including mixed teams of men and women.

Saturday evening should be fun, with music being provided.

The two visiting teams are Old Selbornian­s from East London and Western Suburbs from Nelson Mandela Bay. Hope that pee pot has been cleaned.

The handicap singles got under way last week for both men and women.

Play will commence today (Thursday), with Elzabe Rodriguez playing Louise Vincent and Gail Webster up against Carol Oosthuizen in the semifinals, while Jim Haswell will face Brian McLean in the men’s division. Good bowling all.

On Wednesday this week, the final round of the Timm and Vroom competitio­n will be played at the Port Alfred Bowling Club, with Kowie already declared the winners. So, Port Alfred bowlers, you have nothing to lose.

The Build It-sponsored afternoon was played this past Saturday with Hein and Ilse Strombeck and Beryl Barnard walking away with the main prize, and Jim Haswell and Carol, the runners-up. Many thanks to Build It for their generosity.

Also coming up this month is the Kenton Ladies’ Classic set for November 15 and 16, followed by the Albany Tip Top Trips on November 19 and the Eastern Areas Champion of Champion Singles on November 26 and 27.

 ?? Picture: SUPPLIED ?? TABS IN: John Hubbard, Dave Tyrrell and Rob Turner, Kowie winners of the sponsored tabs in competitio­n, with vouchers from Penny Farthing.
Picture: SUPPLIED TABS IN: John Hubbard, Dave Tyrrell and Rob Turner, Kowie winners of the sponsored tabs in competitio­n, with vouchers from Penny Farthing.

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