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Murder accused George Louca dies

- Alex Mitchley

Striptease club owner Lolly Jackson’s ‘killer’ dies of cancer before his murder trial reaches its verdict.

Although jailed Paralympia­n Oscar Pistorius becomes eligible for correction­al supervisio­n in August, after which he may be placed under house arrest, June Steenkamp believes he should not be let back into society so quickly after killing her daughter, Reeva, pictured.

Steenkamp told The Citizen although she had forgiven Pistorius and did not want him to suffer, a mere 10 months behind bars was not enough for taking Reeva’s life.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to let him back in society so quickly,” said Steenkamp.

“He shot my daughter through that door where she had no space to move or defend herself. One of the bullets blew her brains out, it is disgusting what he did to her ... 10 months is just not enough.”

Steenkamp said she would oppose the possibilit­y of the remainder of the “Blade Runner’s” sentence being converted to correction­al supervisio­n, saying he ultimately had to pay for what he had done.

Steenkamp questioned the message that would be sent if Pistorius served only 10 months. She highlighte­d the recent killing of Port Elizabeth teacher Jayde Panayiotou, who was allegedly murdered at her husband’s request, and said domestic violence of this nature “was everywhere”.

“Justice must be done, otherwise there will be chaos.”

Pistorious’s lawyer, Rohan Kruger, told The Citizen although Pistorius was struggling with prison life, spent much of his time reading the Bible.

“He is figuring out what his next move is … what he is going to do with his life,” said Kruger.

Pistorius was keen to do charity work, specifical­ly working with children.

Kruger said Pistorious was “flat broke”.

June Steenkamp questioned the message that would be sent if Pistorius served only 10 months.

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