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The Citizen (Gauteng) - - CITY - What is the best treat­ment for sun­burn?

Dear doc­tor, I have a con­stant runny stom­ach and I’m on an­tibi­otics. But the prob­lem keeps re­turn­ing. I have had tests and noth­ing has been found. What do I do?

Please stop tak­ing an­tibi­otics. They might be con­tribut­ing to the im­bal­ance in your stom­ach and caus­ing the di­ar­rhoea to be pro­longed. There are many other causes to di­ar­rhoea that might need to be in­ves­ti­gated. Please ask your doc­tor to test your stools for other pos­si­ble causes. Some­times there could be chronic ill­nesses or is­sues around men­tal health. The best treat­ment is to avoid di­rect ex­po­sure to the sun, if you can. Cover up with clothes that cover ex­posed ar­eas if you need to be out­side. There are oint­ments that you can get over the counter at your phar­macy that can pro­tect you from sun ex­po­sure or treat you if you have been burnt.

Is it wise to put milk on your hands a er you’ve burned them ?

Life does not have to be that ex­pen­sive. Cold wa­ter is suf­fi­cient. Please, not ice, as it might make the burn site more painful. Then cover the hands to pre­vent in­fec­tions if the burn is se­vere and visit your lo­cal doc­tor.

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