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Escaped big cat returns

- – Citizen reporter

Residents of Tshwane can relax after the cheetah that escaped from Rietvlei Nature Reserve earlier this week was spotted trying to catch blesbok at the reserve yesterday.

While it is not clear how the cheetah escaped, it has made a safe return.

“Njozi, the female cheetah was photograph­ed this morning, in the reserve, trying to catch blesbok. It seems she came back.

“We thank everyone who helped with the search for the cheetah during the week,” member of the mayoral committee Dana Wannenburg said.

According to the Rietvlei Nature Reserve, the cheetah was introduced by the Endangered Wildlife Trust as part of the reserve’s conservati­on project to enhance cheetah numbers in the country.

The first sighting of the cheetah outside the nature reserve was reported by a nearby landowner, who informed the reserve’s management.

The City of Tshwane indicated the animal may have got out using a hole dug by smaller animals under a fence, despite the fences being electrifie­d, patrolled daily and repaired regularly.

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