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Zuma must follow Madiba’s great example

Zuma needs to remember the oaths he took, writes Zakes from Ennerdale.



The disdain and middle finger shown to both the constituti­on and Justice Zondo cannot go on unchalleng­ed. This disdain’s roots can be traced to the media: the media has dubbed the Commision of Inquiry into State Capture, the Zondo commission. This has, in return, created an impression that this commission was illegally designed and formed by Justice Zondo outside the scope and ambit of the law.

This impression is wrong and should be treated with the contempt it deserves. The constituti­onal court has ruled, and I do not understand why Jacob Zuma must be convinced or begged by the NEC to adhere to its findings.

We should not forget that we are referring to someone who has taken an oath of presidenti­al office twice – in 2009 and 2014.

The oath is in accordance with the provision of section 87 of the constituti­on, which states that “the president is required to swear faithfulne­ss to the republic and obedience to the constituti­on”.

For anything else, Zuma must adhere to the findings of the constituti­onal court as a person who has taken the oath twice.

If people who take an oath to be obedient to the constituti­on do not respect the self-same constituti­on, we must not be surprised if people who have never taken any oath do not respect protection orders and the disaster management Act.

In 2013, Zuma in his speech at the funeral of Mandela, referred to Madiba as the “fountain of wisdom” and I agree with him.

Now I am asking Zuma to follow the great example set by this fountain of wisdom, who went to court when he was dragged to court by Louis Luyt.

Mandela at the time could have refused to go to court and used the race card or his immense popularity with success but, the humble leader that he was, he chose to appear in court.

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