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To all the women speaking out about their abuse, you are worthy, you are loved, you are not alone. Healing takes time. It comes in waves and sometimes the wave hits a rock and that’s OK. Healing is not linear. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself. You’ve got this. You have got this! @zilevandam­me

One of the strangest things about SA is the relative lack of public conversati­on around destitutio­n, hunger and malnutriti­on. Is it because the debate between right and left is based almost entirely on identity politics? Or are we just numb to the horror of grinding poverty? @gavdavis

Great work Pakistan! It is important to give a real dominant performanc­e wherever possible and that is what Pakistan have done. Congratula­tions to Azhar, Abid, Nauman, Shaheen and Hasan on fine performanc­es. Tough luck Zimbabwe, so much to learn still! @SAfridiOff­icial

Mr Montana tells the commission that all these lies about his properties come from the criminal gang. He says he wants to use the cross-examinatio­n to expose all these criminals. #StateCaptu­reInquiry

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