The Citizen (Gauteng)

Joburg mayor sees only what he wants to

Geoffrey Makhubo needs to travel around and look at what is happening, writes Gina Bergman.


The mayor of Johannesbu­rg gave a speech in council that was a disgrace. He claimed they have been doing fantastic work in fixing potholes and resurfacin­g roads. Well, we all can see that our roads are in a shocking condition.

Now, private companies are starting to fix our potholes.

So, where is all the rates money going?

We need to change the ANC council to enable Joburg to improve on the services to the residents, which they are entitled to.

The mayor said we get “uninterrup­ted service delivery”, which is a joke.

Look at all the rubbish that lies around, traffic lights not working, verges not repaired, fire department­s not functionin­g properly. He does not even know what is going on in our city.

He needs to travel around and look at what is happening.

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