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Clubhouse in bid to boost creator content


Clubhouse is going all out. To help boost its popularity, the audio-based social network is setting its creators a challenge by funding the creation of 50 audio shows.

Creators will have three months to develop their idea for an audio show on the platform. If successful, Clubhouse could offer some of them a longer-term deal. Each participan­t will receive $5 000 (about

R70 000) a month to help them make their show.

According to informatio­n reported by The Verge, Clubhouse is funding 50 audio show concepts with the aim of boosting engagement and raising the platform’s profile.

The creators selected will have three months to develop and launch the pilot for their audio show on the platform, benefittin­g from equipment and creative support in the process. If the shows prove successful, Clubhouse may offer some creators a longer-term deal.

Clubhouse has sought to reassure users that it will not take ownership of the concepts, shows or content developed by participat­ing creators.

“The goal is to ensure that the creators themselves enjoy complete control and ownership over their creative output,” explains the social network.

The platform has even made it easier for creators to receive money via their profiles by launching Clubhouse Payments.

The news follows the launch of the Clubhouse creators’ programme in March. The audio platform unveiled its creators’ accelerato­r scheme ahead of its first anniversar­y. The applicatio­n is estimated to be worth $4 billion. –

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