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Will sticker make it easier to share posts?


Instagram is apparently working on a new sticker for the Story format in order to better identify posts that have already been published that the user wants to share again.

“Reshare” was unveiled on Twitter by Alessandro Paluzzi more than a month ago.

According to the developer, the social network sent a notificati­on to users concerned by the test, calling upon them to use the sticker to reshare their publicatio­n.

According to Instagram, its users no longer appreciate seeing images already published on their news feed also appear in a Story.

And the Facebook-owned social network is using this assertion to justify some changes in its tools.

At the end of January, the platform had announced a test prohibitin­g some users from resharing their posts that had already been published in their own Story.

Then in March, the social network nuanced its stance by allowing the sharing of old posts published in the Story format by accompanyi­ng them with labels to indicate their original format.

Instagram has not directly commented on this test for the time being and has not indicated if the test will be deployed in other countries.

Reposting posts in Story format has become common on the social network.

Influencer­s, stars and other organisati­ons frequently use this practice to promote their publicatio­ns without creating new content via the platform’s other tools.

Some even republish content they have created on TikTok in their Instagram story, attracting the wrath of the American giant who ultimately banned such clips in its Reels format. – AFP

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