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DA councillor­s don’t take their job seriously

This pair look more like a couple of young boys playing in a sandpit, writes Realist.


Regarding Hein Kaiser’s article in Friday’s The Citizen. The Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor­s for Ekurhuleni, Mike Waters and Simon Lapping, look more like a couple of young boys playing in a sandpit than serious councillor­s.

The smiles on their faces tells you exactly how serious they are, and don’t the DA have some sort of dress code for their people?

I’m sure the residents of Ekurhuleni don’t need to be reminded of their potholes and the rest of the country has enough of their own problems to care much about Ekurhuleni’s woes.

Dino Petersen of the Patriotic Alliance (PA) got it right when he said Waters and Lapping are just “grandstand­ing”.

Surely if these guys were serious, they would come up with a way to allocate the Ekurhuleni budget to include meaningful road repairs and showing us a detailed list of all the budget items and highlighti­ng the apparent shortfall. If they can’t do something like that, they should just “zip up”.

It seems to me, however they fit in with the DA who, as a whole, rarely come up with any original ideas and have little interest in governing the country.

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