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It’s a purr-fect life now

NEW BOOK: JOURNEY FROM SHELTER KITTY TO INSTAGRAM SENSATION Journal shows the animal-human bond is love that lasts a lifetime.

- Citizen reporter

From spa days and birthday parties to playing dress-up and target “shopping”, the humanlike antics of an affable ginger tabby named Carrot have been shared with the famous feline’s nearly 300 000 Instagram followers, capturing the attention of human celebritie­s like Ellen DeGeneres and Katie Couric.

The social media sensation is now giving readers a glimpse into a year in her furry, fun-filled life in her new book, Diary of the Cat Named Carrot, an uplifting, instantly stress-reducing story told from Carrot’s perspectiv­e.

From her humble beginnings as a tiny orange stray to being welcomed into a loving family, including Erin Merryn and her young girls Abby, Hannah and baby Claire, through her rise to internet stardom, Diary of the Cat Named Carrot, chronicles her remarkable journey.

Carrot lived in the same shelter that had once housed the family’s previous internet star, Bailey, whose adventures were featured in Bailey, No Ordinary Cat.

Much like Bailey had, Carrot loves spending time with her human family and partaking in typically human pastimes – making mischief with her girl gang, joyriding in a pint-sized pink Barbie Jeep;,doing arts and crafts, modelling a pink tutu and flowery headband, enjoying a spa day complete with fluffy robe and cucumber eye treatments, and celebratin­g holidays.

Carrot’s videos have gone viral, garnering attention from DeGeneres, the Dodo, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, People and many other media outlets.

Diary of the Cat Named Carrot is packed with colour photos that will make readers purr with delight.

The journal of this sweet, adorable kitty with personalit­y to spare shows us that the human-animal bond runs more than fur deep.

It is a love that will last a lifetime.

Merryn is an author, activist and speaker, who was named Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year in 2012 and is a People magazine Hero Among Us for her tireless work promoting Erin’s Law nationwide with a mission to keep children safe by educating them about personal body safety.

She is the author of Bailey, No Ordinary Cat, Stolen Innocence, Living for Today and An Unimaginab­le Act.

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