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No light at the end of very long, dark tunnel


Zuma will have unfettered power over the budget, writes

of Bryanston.



he firing of Pravin Gordhan will transfer more power into the hands of the country’s ever-increasing authoritar­ian President as he wants to have oversight over the budget.

He puts all his pawns into key positions and seems to be taking lessons from his long-time friend, the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, who is doing the same and wants to change even the Turkish constituti­on to suit his plans.

It sounds familiar doesn’t it, when Zuma says repeatedly that he wants to change the constituti­on so he can go ahead with the so-called radical economic transforma­tion.

And Treasury was an obstacle because it wasn’t giving money for his frivolous and idiotic and not thought through plans.

If approved, it would be the most comprehens­ive takeover of all the levers of power, executive and otherwise, by one man who has brought South Africa to the edge of the abyss, as we have seen the last week with our downgrade to junk status.

He will have unfettered and overseeing power over the budget and this will be the beginning of the end for SA.

The president’s grandiose plans will see him as the sole beneficiar­y of whatever he puts on the table and demands to be implemente­d.

With the finance minister out of the way as he was the last obstacle to his nefarious plans, and to marry his teams of looters he has everywhere, I see no light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

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The five-year interval between general elections is far too long. We should make it four.

Richard Benson

The Stormers, on Saturday, reminded me of the years when we were the best rugby players in the world. Robbie Fleck is turning into a very good coach.


Not surprising that certain sectors of our society fear for their lives. Bullies and blackmaile­rs are always cowards.


I wish some of the ANC members would differenti­ate the loyalism between that of a person or of a country. Don’t regret it.

Mn Xisinga

So Gordhan supposedly disrespect­ed Zuma. Please tell me who of average intelligen­ce respects this failed president?


Some of our leaders believe the ratings downgrades are good for SA. We have some intellectu­ally bankrupt dolts leading us.


The behaviour of the ANC Youth at the memorial for Ahmed Kathrada was a disgrace. The ANC is fragmented and its future can only be determined by consensus within. Is this possible? Opposition parties stand to gain in the 2019 national election.


Why point fingers at the captured Zuma, alone? Mbete, Nhleko and Mahlobo also have violated the oath of their offices. They must resign or be forced to do so, not forgetting Mantashe.

P waMmolotsa­ne

Big mistake, Donald. Firing missiles recklessly into Syria only raises the hackles of regional powers, as well as handing Isis a gifted opportunit­y to regroup. And all to boost your domestic ratings. Churchill said it best – “jaw-jaw better than war-war”.

Des du Triou

KZN Kathrada memorial – what a disgusting show of disrespect to someone who actually earned respect – unlike the ANCYL and all these MPs who demand it.

So Sad

I read that Collen Maine’s R140 000 monthly home loan is supposedly paid by the Guptas. Is this being investigat­ed at all?


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