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Citizens must continue protests


The mass protests around the country against the recent radical decisions made by President Jacob Zuma prove that South Africans are tired of corruption and lack of service delivery.

The protests show growing disillusio­nment over high levels of poverty, unemployme­nt and dishonesty in government. South African citizens have not been this drenched with anger since the fall of apartheid. The protests prove that a significan­t shift is taking place in the country’s political consciousn­ess.

Although a single protest will not change much, it does not mean that citizens should not express their feelings about the leadership of the country or lack of service delivery. The South African constituti­on allows freedom of speech with respect and citizens should use this important tool to bring about change that will benefit all who live in South Africa.

In order to fight the good fight and ensuring long-term strategic achievemen­t and outcomes, every citizen within their own communitie­s must continue mobilising and educate people about their constituti­onal rights and about the harms of corruption, nepotism and cronyism.

It is obvious that citizens want ethical leadership and the opportunit­ies promised to them when apartheid ended.

With correct leadership, perseveran­ce and focus the change will come. However, it can only come from a united and active citizenry. The Vietnam War and the struggle to stop it should teach us about people’s power.

Mohamed Saeed


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