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Must-have Mustang

TUNED FORDS SHOW THEIR ABILITY AT MIDVAAL Two owners put their improved Mustangs up against the stopwatch.


Aracetrack, a pair of modified Ford Mustang V8s, a blonde and a brunette. And an American flag – which as it turns out was made in China …

That then was the backdrop to a combined project by RGMotorspo­rt’s engineerin­g and marketing teams to validate their aftermarke­t offerings on Ford’s sporty coupe, a car which remains “Most Wanted”. And it isn’t hard to see why: it looks the part, sounds the part and goes pretty ‘good’ (as the Americans like to say) too.

But homo sapiens are a funny lot. We want more. More individual­ity, more power, more ‘uniqueness’, more feel-good factor. We want stuff that is a statement of who and what we are and how successful we are. And why not?

One of RGMotorspo­rt’s goals is to meet a customer’s bespoke needs and in the case of the Mustang – which personifie­s personalis­ation – the Randburg tuning experts provides more than one road to motoring nirvana.

As it turns out, two of their customers were willing to share their cars with them, and agreed to join the RGMotorspo­rt team (a team celebratin­g a quarter-century of tuning and modifying) at a blustery Midvaal Raceway to put their cars up against the stopwatch. Or, to be more specific, Stigworx’s sophistica­ted Video VBOX dataloggin­g equipment.

One car was a Supercharg­ed conversion carried out by RGM at the end of last year: in other words, 550kW and 895Nm of tarmac- and tyre-shredding ability thanks to the Whipple blower and other enhancemen­ts.

The second car was a First Stage conversion: full Techniflow 76mm exhaust and an engine management remap to maximise the breathing benefits of the new outlet system.

With an altitude of just over 1 500m, Midvaal is a roughly 100m higher than their traditiona­l Gerotek test venue, so that may have had a small (negative) difference. The grip from the surface is another unknown and while the Stage One didn’t wheelspin off the line, the Supercharg­ed version certainly does and careful throttle modulation is required to launch perfectly.

With more practice, their tame racing driver, Jacques “The Stiglet” Joubert, reckons he could’ve shaved another 10th or two off the quarter-mile time … Neverthele­ss, here are the numbers achieved down Midvaal’s back straight, which doubles as a popular dragstrip for locals.

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