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There is a mas­sive tug-of-war be­tween whether one should go for an­i­mal-based pro­tein or plant-based pro­tein. There is a lot of con­vinc­ing ev­i­dence on both sides of the spec­trum, but you need to un­der­stand the whole pic­ture be­fore de­cid­ing to go right, left or mid­dle. If you are bas­ing your opin­ion on a video you saw that changed your mind­set then you are in for trou­ble.

Let me share some neu­tral facts about both and then do more home­work and hire the ex­perts to guide you.

What is plant-based eat­ing?

Plant-based eat­ing in­volves con­sum­ing of foods only from plant-based sources. This in­cludes not only fruit and veg­eta­bles but also things like nuts, seeds, oils, legumes and beans. In­stead of ac­quir­ing your pro­teins from an­i­mal-based prod­ucts, you use cer­tain plant-based ingredient­s to sub­sti­tute your pro­tein in­take which has its own ben­e­fits.

What is an­i­mal-based eat­ing?

An­i­mal sourced foods in­cludes any food items that come di­rectly from an­i­mal prod­ucts which in­clude foods like meat, milk, cheese and yo­ghurts. The source of a lot of these foods orig­i­nate from an­i­mals. There have been many ideas float­ing around on whether or not plant-based eat­ing will ben­e­fit you as a per­son, in terms of qual­ity of life as well as longevity of life.

If so, then surely his must be the change we have all been look­ing for.

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The hu­man body is able to cre­ate and sup­ply cer­tain amino acids, 11 to be ex­act, but there are nine other amino acids that the body can­not cre­ate and will there­fore need to get these amino acids from the foods we con­sume. Both plant pro­teins and an­i­mal pro­teins are able to give you the re­main­ing nine amino acids you lack but are more read­ily ac­ces­si­ble from an­i­mal-based prod­ucts than from plant-based prod­ucts. With that be­ing said, a healthy diet, whether plant- or an­i­mal-based, re­quires good and ex­ten­sive plan­ning. With an end goal in mind and a strat­egy to get there is what it will take in or­der to live a happy and healthy life.

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