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You pulled the cork and had your glass of re­lax­ation – but what do you do with the left­over wine still in the bot­tle?

Wine stor­age af­ter open­ing is a tricky busi­ness – oxy­gen ex­po­sure can turn wine into vine­gar in hours (although it’s said this hap­pens to aged wines a lot quicker than young vin­tages).

So, how should you store wine you in­tend to fin­ish later?

The first tip is to buy a re­us­able bot­tle stop­per. They come in dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes, with dif­fer­ent prices – but whether yours is cheap plas­tic or or­nate crys­tal, what re­ally mat­ters is the plas­tic or rub­ber seal. Ide­ally, yours should have words like air­tight or vac­uum seal on the pack­ag­ing.

Ob­vi­ously, you don’t need this if you opened a screw­top bot­tle.

Once you re-corked your bot­tle you need to store it up­right in the fridge. Leav­ing wine on the counter or ex­posed to sun­light makes it turn acidy quicker.

The mistake many peo­ple re­seal­ing screw-tops make is stor­ing it on its side in the fridge. It’s al­ways im­por­tant to store wine up­right, as it en­sures the least amount of sur­face ex­posed to oxy­gen.

So how long will opened wine keep in the fridge? MCC or sparkling wine can keep up to three days, light white wines and Rose will last up to seven days, while fuller-bod­ied white wines will keep be­tween three and five days.

You can keep red wines up to five days, while box wines will keep up to a month in the fridge.

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