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Dear Doc­tor,

Does a re­cur­ring sting­ing in­ter­nal back pain mean I might have liver dam­age ?

The re­cur­ring back pain may mean any­thing and should be in­ves­ti­gated. It could be be­cause of bone or joint ab­nor­mal­i­ties, there could also be liver or in­testi­nal is­sues that also need to be ex­cluded. Go to a doc­tor and give a full his­tory. You will then be ex­am­ined for a de­fin­i­tive di­ag­no­sis.

Dear Doc­tor,

What is the best way to treat my child’s head lice?

Lice can be con­tracted by ei­ther in­ter­act­ing with an­i­mals or peo­ple that have them.

In the case of your child, if he or she is in creche or school please in­form the teach­ers so the blan­kets and tow­els that the chil­dren might be shar­ing are thor­oughly cleaned.

Please do the same as well. Shave the child’s head and get over-the-counter med­i­ca­tion from a phar­macy to treat the child.

Dear Doc­tor,

Are there im­mu­ni­sa­tions I should have if I am preparing to fall preg­nant?

There are no im­mu­ni­sa­tions that are re­quired to be taken be­fore one falls preg­nant. You can, how­ever, visit your doc­tor and get a full check-up to see if there are any risks that need to be mit­i­gated for. Do you have any chronic ill­nesses for in­stance, that may need to be un­der con­trol? Also, dis­cuss diet and what you need to stay away from to en­sure a safe jour­ney to birth.

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