The Citizen (KZN)

Climate activist challenges peers

- London

– Blue Sandford turned 17 in a police cell. Last year, she began an indefinite school strike. Now, the British environmen­tal activist has written a book for fellow teens who want to act on climate change.

In Challenge Everything, which was published in Europe and North America yesterday, Sandford explains how the failure of government­s to heed warnings from climate scientists prompted her to join civil disobedien­ce movement Extinction Rebellion, which launched fresh protests in Britain last week.

Sandford, who was arrested for blocking a road in London’s Trafalgar Square at previous demonstrat­ions in October, uses the book to lay out a vision of a sustainabl­e society rooted in a sense of community and connection with nature.

“We can’t all just go and get arrested and that be the end of the story,” said Sandford.

“I think we need to start from a place of science and empiricism and figure out the truth about the climate and ecological crisis, and then act.” –

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