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CPR saves baby born on a driveway


Paramedics saved a premature baby after her mother suddenly collapsed and gave birth in her employer’s driveway in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal on Monday.

According to Netcare 911 spokespers­on Shawn Herbst, paramedics received a call from a distressed homeowner in Durban North, who reported that her domestic helper had collapsed in her driveway and was giving birth.

“Paramedics rushed to the scene and while en route received an update that the baby had been delivered, but showed no signs of life,” Herbst said.

A member of staff from a nearby school who was qualified in first aid had rushed over to help and had initiated CPR (cardiopulm­onary resuscitat­ion).

“On arrival, paramedics found the neonate male lying on the floor with the placenta still attached, unresponsi­ve and gasping for air.

“A full advanced life support resuscitat­ion was initiated by a team of Netcare 911 emergency care practition­ers who battled to fully revive the 24-week-old premature baby.”

The mother was in a stable condition. Following a concerted effort, the baby begun to show signs of improvemen­t and the child and mother were prepared for transport to hospital.

While en route, the child’s physical appearance and vital signs had improved to an acceptable standard and both mom and baby were safely handed over to hospital staff.

“This once again highlights the importance of learning how to do effective CPR, as without this knowledge that the school staff member had, the outcome would have most likely been different,” Herbst said.

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This highlights the importance of learning how to do effective CPR

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