The Citizen (KZN)

Government trying to get rid of middle class


Ridiculous municipal charges being used as a weapon, writes Fletch.

Over the past five years, I have experience­d a marked increase in Johannesbu­rg municipal charges and we are now at a 100%-plus increase. Rates and taxes, etc, amounting to an average of R 8 000 a month is unacceptab­le.

This is more than the bond on the property.

To query this problem is a nightmare, you physically have to go into town and there is no guarantee that you will get competent help.

I have come to the sad conclusion that this is the government’s attempt to do all it can to get rid of the middle class.

It’s the socialists way.

You have the very rich – the government cronies – and the very poor, who are uneducated and easy to manipulate.

That way you don’t have any opposition and you can stay in power in the country for as long as you want.

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