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Etienne, regarding your twisted refrain on The Citizen Broederbon­d. I submit comments daily and only some get printed. I sometimes go six weeks without one of my dozen letters appearing. You’re smoking your socks.

Michael Floyd

Etienne, if I’m correctly reading between the lines then your letter is a complaint of non-publicatio­n of letters previously submitted by you. Well, if they contain half the amount of tripe that is in your published letter, then I’m not surprised that they were binned for being unsubstant­iated trash.

David H

As usual, Ben Trovato fails to disappoint. Wednesday’s The Citizen is a highlight for me.

Peter H

Please tell Danie Toerien that if he lives in the southern half of Joburg, his nine-day water cut-off was due to some idiot leaving a valve closed. Danie, how do you feel about that?


Siwela’s cartoon: you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.


Louis Gee, you are 100% right about the ANC winning the election as it shows the mentality of the majority of black people voting for them after what the ANC have done. If they supported a few white leaders things might improve.


The DA are good at own goals. Asking the US to be involved in the electoral process as if the US has integrity. The US is profession­al at meddling in other countries – and does so with impunity.


George, never fear. Julius Malema’s EFF will never taste the Union Buildings – just like the DA.


Anecdotal evidence has it that a select few at the top of Transnet privately operate coal transport trucks and have no interest in the resurrecti­on of the rail entity.


To Ilya Rogachev, who invaded Ukraine? That’s what this is all about. Nothing to do nuclear war.


Eskom’s price increase of 12.5% approved? How can they have the gall to ask for higher tariffs when they can’t even keep the supply going properly? It’s ridiculous.


The ANC is afraid of ‘outsiders’ overseeing the elections as the ‘manipulati­on’ will be picked up. It seems most parties have chosen to ignore the directive to exclude members who have been ‘accused’ of wrongdoing, but what can we expect from them?

Aubry Flood

No water. No electricit­y. No jobs. No future. What kind of person would vote for the ANC?


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