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When I read in Friday’s The Citizen the gloating from President Cyril Ramaphosa as to what the ANC has achieved over the past 30 years, Ramokgopa’s rubbish about his department being redundant by year-end and Lesufi’s election bull about e-toll payment, I realised the circus had arrived in town. Mike Brown

Regardless of what measures our useless government introduces, the number of citizens paying e-tolls will not increase and maintenanc­e to the gantries is yet another waste of taxpayers money! Dave

Animal Farm: some people are more equal than others. The speaker will get bail. Anybody else would have to wait.


The time has come for one Powerball winner.


Nomvula Mokonyane is one of the reasons why SA is no better off. Has a lifestyle audit been done on her yet?


How come the media have hardly any articles about using recycled plastic to make roads? Makes sense.


Re Nicky Oelofse and Urban Influx: you are both oh so right. It is up to government to repatriate them whence they came, then give them work cleaning up the environmen­t, repairing broken infrastruc­ture, offering education and training some skills. This was done in Europe between world wars and worked. It is better than presents for the poor, which has no escape clause.

By George

We are advised to stay hydrated because of the heat. Then we are told to use water sparingly because of the poor supply. This useless government should know that infrastruc­ture doesn’t last indefinite­ly. Maintenanc­e and replacemen­t are essential.


Pietsie, Vodacom have been using this bad business practice for years. They add to this practice a helpful reminder: ‘You only have 450MB left.’ Very canny people.

Brian Tarbitt

Andrew, I’m sorry that I overreacte­d to your letter. I could have used a kinder tone.

Jenny Sterne

Please do all your readers a favour and increase the price of my favourite newspaper to R12 per copy. Carrying 40c change around these days each time I buy a paper after paying R11.60 is just a nuisance.

Paul Steyn

The outcome of the SA court case was that Hamas must release the hostages with immediate effect. So, what’s happened? Why have they not been forced to? Michael Floyd

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