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Petrol, tolls Jozi-Durban over R4 000

- Jaco van der Merwe

The March fuel price hike isn’t the only setback for motorists planning a road trip over the Easter weekend. They’ll also have to fork out more for toll fees.

Toll prices underwent their annual increase on 1 March and that will affect most holidaymak­ers travelling along South Africa’s major routes.

The Citizen Motoring worked out what it will cost in fuel and toll fees for average petrol and diesel cars to make a return trip to major cities this Easter.

The inland fuel price for March for 93 octane petrol is R24.13 per litre, R24.45 a litre for 95 octane.

We’ve used a retail price of R26 per litre for 50ppm diesel.

Highlighte­d prices are based on 93 octane petrol. ▶ Johannesbu­rg-Durban – R4 142

A round trip on the N3 is about 1 150km. If you drive a car with an average fuel consumptio­n of eight litres per 100 kilometres, you would need about 144 litres of fuel. This will set you back R3 474 if you fill up with 93 octane petrol and R3 520 with 95 octane.

If you drive a diesel-powered vehicle with similar consumptio­n, it will cost R3 744 in fuel.

Toll fees each way have gone up from R293 to R311, so add R622 to the budget.

▶ Johannesbu­rg-Polokwane – R2 364

The toll fees for a trip between Johannesbu­rg and Polokwane on the N1 have increased from R204 to R217, so it will cost R434 for a round trip.

If your fuel consumptio­n is 8l/100km, the 640km round trip will cost R1 930 using 93 octane and R1 956 using 95 octane. The trip in a diesel vehicle will cost R2 080.

▶ Johannesbu­rg-Bloemfonte­in – R2 778

The 800km round trip will cost R2 413 for 93 octane, R2 445 if you use 95 octane and R2 600 for a diesel car.

The three toll gates on the N1 south to the City of Roses now cost R182.50, R10 more than before. A round trip will cost R365.

▶ Johannesbu­rg-Cape Town – R8 911

The toll fees for a round trip journey to Cape Town are R466. The 2 800km trek will cost R8 445 (93 octane), R8 557 (95 octane) and R9 100 (diesel).

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