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Ignore Iran’s attack, Israel hears


– UK foreign minister David Cameron yesterday urged Israel to “avoid escalation” following Iran’s missile attack and, instead, urged Israeli authoritie­s to focus on freeing hostages held by Hamas.

Israel and its allies, including Britain, intercepte­d almost all of the missiles and drones fired by Iran during its first attack on Israeli territory on Saturday.

Cameron told Times Radio that he echoed US President Joe Biden’s plea for Israel to “take the win and then move on to focus on how to eradicate Hamas in Gaza and how to get those hostages free.

“We’re very anxious to avoid escalation and to say to our friends in Israel, ‘it’s a time to think with head as well as heart and in many ways this is a double defeat for Iran’,” he added.

“Not only was their attack an almost total failure, but also the rest of the world can now see what a malign influence they are in the region.”

Asked if the United Kingdom would assist Israel again militarily if Iran attacked, Cameron said: “We’ll always keep these things under review.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called on Sunday for “calm heads to prevail” as he confirmed that British fighter jets had shot down Iranian drones.

“If this attack had been successful, the fallout for regional stability would be hard to overstate,” Sunak told reporters. Cameron yesterday said the UK was “absolutely” considerin­g new sanctions on Iran, with Sunak due to make a statement to the House of Commons. “We put in place a whole new sanctions regime at the end of last year which is proving very effective,” he said. –

The world can now see what a malign influence they are

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