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Sanral are going to have to prove that the car depicted in their pictures included in their statements is mine. I have a picture of a motorbike with my car number plate details. I will leave my legacy to Outa to fight this scourge of Gautengers. Let’s kill this once and for all.

Michael Floyd

The Citizen 10 April: Realist, let’s see your family and children get butchered and how much you will cry for Israel to stop its war. Crows like you make my blood boil. Gypsylee

I have just read ‘Lion-canning farms’ to be shut down permanentl­y, govt declared. What wonderful news. So heartbreak­ing looking at the defenceles­s waiting to be shot at. Such cruelty. Asian countries must leave Africa’s animals alone.


At our current time in history, there are many important questions that need answering. One of these is: what on earth is Des du Triou smoking?


DStv is becoming elitist. Removing 1Magic and ME channels but only replacing one channel, 1Max, for Compact plus and Premium. Please be fair and replace ME for Compact Viewers.

Ronald Booysens

All the small parties are not in elections for change, but for the taxpayers’ money and wealth. Shane

Jhb mayor now has a security detail of 10. The sooner these thugs are out the better.

Big Red

The Hamas chief, Ismail Haniyeh, says that the blood of his children is more precious than that of the Palestinia­ns. I have said it before and say it again - Hamas does not care for the Palestinia­n people. Rolf

The fact that SA - including metros like COJ - spend more money on ‘VIP protection’ (bodyguards and fleets of upmarket vehicles with blue lights) than it does on safety for citizens, shows we are a police state. If the elected officials did their jobs and stopped stealing, they may not need protection from the citizens.

Midrand Mike

As long as we have B-BBEE we will never have a real justice system and, unfortunat­ely, whoever wins the upcoming election will not create a real democracy which would increase business investment. Dave

CC what are you smoking? A leak a week ago. Someone came and dug a deep hole in the road to fix a leak a year ago in our area and no-one has come to fix the leak and close the hole. Next century perhaps? At least they secured the hole with a ribbon so no-one should fall in it or lose their car in it anytime soon.

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