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Israel is the occupying power, not Hamas

The blood-crazed Netanyahu is refusing a ceasefire, writes

- Hughes.

Your ubiquitous correspond­ent John R is at it again. In a recent letter he postulates that in the six-month long Gaza “war”, Hamas’s Machiavell­ian plan to pose as the “victim” and Israel as the “villain” has succeeded. And in the process of his lament, he has simply turned every fact on its head.

He should know that the West, until very recently, supplied Israel with all the armaments and heavy weaponry it demanded.

The US, the EU and the UK have poured arms into Israel under the virtuous mantra of Israel’s right to defend itself.

And Israel is the occupying power. Not Hamas.

But does John R believe that the “right to self defence” extends to the utter destructio­n of Palestinia­n Gaza, all its institutio­ns, hospitals and schools, with the concomitan­t deaths of 33 000 Gazans?

And the systematic starvation of the remainder?

He would have to pick carefully through those thousands of corpses to identify which were Hamas and which not.

Should be an easy job, John R, with 14 000 children and goodness alone knows how many women, the old and the infirm to pick through.

I suppose, as Alice observed, “words can mean anything anyone wants them to mean”.

The only reason that the West has decided to pressure Israel finally to desist is the pressure being exerted by growing numbers of the population of those countries, recognisin­g that in an election year, they could be out on their collective ears if they continue their blind support of Israel.

And it is Israel with the bloodcraze­d Netanyahu refusing a ceasefire and not Hamas.

Oh, and finally, John R, never forget – one man’s “terrorist” is another man’s “freedom fighter”.

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