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Legendary elBulli is back


Transforme­d into a museum that has been open to the public since June 2023, the legendary Spanish restaurant elBulli will become, for one night, a hotel.

Accommodat­ion giant Airbnb has landed a partnershi­p with visionary chef Ferran Adria for a most unusual experience.

In recent years, Airbnb has come up with a multitude of original experience­s that boost its publicity campaigns while also offering travellers an opportunit­y to access locations largely out of reach to most of us.

For foodies, the latest coup from the accommodat­ion giant is undoubtedl­y the most desirable. That’s because it involves the worldwide phenomenon elBulli, the famous Spanish restaurant in Roses, Catalonia. It is considered to have been the most innovative eatery in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when it was led by its legendary chef Adria, lauded as one of the most visionary chefs of his time. The restaurant closed in July 2011, but it will reopen as a spot to spend the night!

A special bed has been specifical­ly designed to accommodat­e the lucky pair, who will fall asleep in a plated structure that evokes the shape of the legendary elBulli spherical olive, Adria’s legendary molecular creation. They will also have access to the spaces where the chef and his kitchen brigade created the dishes.

When it comes to the evening meal, the Airbnb guests are in for a treat as Adria will take them to one of his favourite restaurant­s in Roses and to the eatery of his brother, Albert Adria, who runs Enigma in Barcelona.

The trip will take place from 16-17 October and is free, however, guests will be responsibl­e for their own transport.

Interested parties are invited to register for this unique experience on the ElBulli 1846 page.

Why elBulli remains a legend in the world of restaurant­s.

In 2018, Amazon Prime Video, the e-commerce giant’s streaming service, devoted a documentar­y to the history of the elBulli restaurant.

Not only were the dishes a feast for the eyes, but they also challenged the way we think about the textures and flavours of ingredient­s. Each day, 300 products were presented in a culinary sequence that helped us understand the principles of molecular gastronomy. Awarded three Michelin stars in 1997, Adria not only wanted to make a lasting impression, but also to encourage his customers to reflect on all dimensions of taste. –

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