The Citizen (KZN)




6. Rugged nomadic sort in that place in hut with ranger possibly (6-8)

9. Unsmiling doctor probing painful place on the body (6)

10. A GP ready to get agitated about level of wages? (8)

11. Shift one still outwardly engaged in deception (8)

13. Quirk shown by Virginia and Georgia regularly on vacation (6)

15. Leave a bus, say, and escape a charge (3,3)

17. Largely formal type of doctor has evergreen bush (6)

19. Move text on screen or piece of parchment? (6)

20. Rapidly increase energy before climb around a peak in Tanzania (8)

22. Test said to vary produces aversion (8)

24. Delivery vehicle of a sort gets to become invisible (6)

26. Digest drab form requiring replacemen­t in football ground (8,6)


1. Host in tropics roughly nabbing good thing required to make a feature film (8,6)

2. Rebuff from Greek character in second book (4)

3. Saw ambassador with fifty in place for retirement (6)

4. Support no longer in operation to remain at night? (4,4)

5. Suddenly change direction amid drive, erroneousl­y (4)

7. Greek retaining forlorn hope for a burrowing rodent (6)

8. Senior administra­tors termed lateness improper (5,9)

12. Liberal German in game of chance (5)

14. Supplied large thing used

by an auctioneer (5)

16. Complete concession after including initial with this punctuatio­n mark (4,4)

18. Secure excellent objective (6)

21. Victor and Oscar boarding horse-drawn vehicle dance around excitedly (6)

23. Whiskery male beginning to beautify place to bury a person (4)

25. In turn, academic fellow Bob shows approval (4)

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