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New book debunks race science

- Devon Koen

RACIST science, genetic IQ profiling and the age-old debate of nature versus nurture were at the forefront of a discussion last night at the launch of Gavin Evans’s book, Black Brain, White Brain: Is Intelligen­ce Skin Deep?

Evans, who grew up in South Africa and now lives and works in Britain, engaged in a candid discussion with newly appointed Nelson Mandela Metropolit­an University Dean of Arts Professor Rose Boswell about the origins of racist thinking, inherent intelligen­ce and the evolution of IQ testing.

The book launch and discussion, attended by about 60 Bay residents, was held at Exclusive Books in Walmer Park.

Evans, who grew up under apartheid, said the concept of racial science had always interested him.

He alluded to the suggestion that economics and wealth also play a role in intelligen­ce, not only race.

“Race science believes that being poor makes one inherently stupid whereas being rich makes one clever,” Evans said.

Dispelling the notion that the culture of poverty leads to lower IQ scores, he said: “If you believe this, there is no point to remedial education.”

In his book, Evans debunks racist science and centuries-old beliefs that Africans are predispose­d to being less intelligen­t than their European counterpar­ts.

He presents various case studies demonstrat­ing that the notion of genetics being responsibl­e for intelligen­ce is untrue.

Anthropolo­gist Boswell said: “It is fascinatin­g to have this kind of book available for anyone to read, especially undergradu­ate students.”

 ?? Picture: BRIAN WITBOOI ?? HAVING HIS SAY: Gavin Evans reads out of his book last night
Picture: BRIAN WITBOOI HAVING HIS SAY: Gavin Evans reads out of his book last night

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