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Cape Town delays Day Zero after water savings

- Petru Saal and Nico Gous

CAPETONIAN­S can breathe a sigh of relief. Day Zero has been pushed back to June 4.

Yesterday, city officials attributed the push-back of Day Zero from the middle of May to the decline in water usage by the agricultur­al sector and also the continued commitment by residents who have significan­tly lowered their water consumptio­n.

Deputy mayor Ian Neilson urged residents to continue lowering their water consumptio­n to meet the target of 450 million litres a day, which equates to 50 litres a person a day

“Over the past week‚ consumptio­n has been lowered to 526 million litres per day,” Neilson said.

“This is the first time that the weekly average usage has remained under 550 million litres, due to the City’s pressure management interventi­ons and the efforts by our residents to use as little water as possible.”

However‚ he said at 24.9% dam levels were significan­tly lower in comparison to last year at this time when the figure was 36.1% and the previous year when it was 43.3%.

“Though the dam levels are much lower than a year ago‚ we have more informatio­n and more control over the system that supplies water to the city,” he said.

“Our continued interactio­ns with the national Department of Water and Sanitation have led to much-improved data-sharing and analysis‚ allowing for more reliable modelling and dramatical­ly improved control over dam levels.”

DA leader Mmusi Maimane tweeted yesterday: “I can officially announce that #DayZero has been pushed back to 4 June 2018! Thanks to the efforts of Cape Town residents‚ consumptio­n dropped to 526 million litres per day. Let’s keep reducing consumptio­n. We can #DefeatDayZ­ero!”

“This is the first time that weekly average usage has remained under 550 million litres! A year ago‚ consumptio­n was at over 800 million litres per day. Two years ago‚ it was over one billion litres per day.”

Neilson said the city would continue with curbs on high-water users. – TimesLIVE

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