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SPORTS TEAMS A DIS­GRACE TO BAY Reckon that the Kings and Chippa are a dis­grace to Port El­iz­a­beth. That the mu­nic­i­pal­ity is still fund­ing these two losers should not be tol­er­ated by ratepay­ers. KEVIN B WILL UNIONS FIND WORK­ERS JOBS? With all the strikes go­ing on my ques­tion to the unions: should Volk­swa­gen and Mercedes de­cide to pull out of SA, will they find jobs for the work­ers? I don’t think so.

LEON PAR­CEL FOR CHAR­I­TIES MISS­ING Sad about the post of­fice hav­ing an auc­tion [of un­claimed parcels]. Union of Jewish Women is wait­ing for a par­cel of gen­tly worn bras from the UK for our out­reach. Was posted on Au­gust 8, never to be heard of again. A pity, as or­gan­i­sa­tions would have been so happy. ELAINE RACUSSEN NOTH­ING DONE We heard Mongameli Bobani on the Mayor’s Min­utes a few weeks ago, speak­ing to the staff mem­ber at the Uiten­hage SPCA which has been wait­ing in vain for its fund­ing. We all heard him say that he would sort out the fund­ing “even to­day”! Well guess what? Noth­ing has been forth­com­ing. What a dis­grace. JANET PEN­SION FUND LOSS Just think­ing. The Gov­ern­ment Em­ploy­ees Pen­sion Fund (GEPF) has writ­ten off its R4.3bn in­vest­ment in Stein­hoff’s em­pow­er­ment share­holder, the Lan­caster Group. If the board of trus­tees could have waited just a few mo­ments longer it could have added my over­draft, a small amount of R7,000, to that and they wouldn’t have been any the wiser.

VA­LERIE, PORT EL­IZ­A­BETH Amaz­ing how a per­son or per­sons have the power to write off bil­lions from one’s pen­sion fund. If it was their money I am sure they would not have al­lowed it. What must the pen­sion­ers of the GEPF now do?

Just sit back and for­get about it? If you ask for a bet­ter pen­sion to be paid out from the fund there is never money to al­low for it. State cof­fers are plun­dered by ev­ery­one and noth­ing is done about it. L MCLEOD SOME PUPILS HOOLI­GANS Glenda Hicks (“Hit­ting chil­dren breeds hate”, De­cem­ber 4), do you not won­der why our schools are vi­o­lent, pri­mary schools as well as high schools? It’s be­cause teach­ers are not al­lowed to cane the hooli­gans, who are en­rolled as pupils, who then run amok caus­ing teach­ers and de­cent pupils an un­be­liev­able amount of stress and, at times, fear. TEACHER WHY TAXIS BE­HAVE AS THEY LIKE The main rea­son taxis can do as they want is that most of them are owned by politi­cians, mu­nic­i­pal of­fi­cials, traf­fic of­fi­cials and po­lice­men. AVC, UITEN­HAGE ZUMA TO BLAME Peo­ple of SA, I just want to say our coun­try is in a real mess. The per­son to be blamed for this is Ja­cob Zuma and his thiev­ing com­rades. Mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties, hos­pi­tals and traf­fic de­part­ments are all fail­ing hor­ri­bly.

Zuma, you have no morals and it’s be­cause of you that the ANC is so in­ca­pable of de­liv­ery. The big­gest mis­take you made was to say the ANC will rule till Je­sus comes. I hope you can live to see how wrong you were. GARY, PORT EL­IZ­A­BETH ANDILE LUNGISA In 2011 then [Na­tional Youth Devel­op­ment Agency] chair­man Andile Lungisa spent R100m on a party. I sup­pose we shouldn’t be sur­prised then that he wants to up the R4m bud­geted by the DA-led coun­cil to R45m for sum­mer events. Per­haps he sim­ply likes a good jol? What a waste of tax­pay­ers’ money! But then it’s what we ex­pected!

GREG How can any­one jus­tify spend­ing R45m on fes­tive sea­son events, what­ever those may be.

MKW If you have an­other photo of Andile Lungisa in the next week I am con­sid­er­ing no longer buy­ing the pa­per. In any event if you ac­tu­ally mea­sure space given to real news ver­sus ad­verts, leisure and clas­si­fieds it is barely 40%.

The Her­ald can no longer claim to be more than a very poor re­gional news­pa­per, if one can still call it that.

MAL­COLM DODDS Now we are to­tally con­vinced that The Her­ald re­gards Andile Lungisa as its hero! Yet again, pic­tured on the front page (De­cem­ber 5)! Sick­en­ing!

DIS­GUSTED I won­der when the re­view of Andile Lungisa’s sen­tence will be com­pleted. Just ask­ing. IAN TURN BACK CLOCK THIS CHRIST­MAS What a beau­ti­ful set­ting Christ­mas will be with­out elec­tric­ity, just as it was when Je­sus was born 2,000 years ago. Use can­dles and make a lit­tle fire. Get the real Christ­mas feel­ing. TONY ESKOM WILL STILL GET BONUSES The load-shed­ding is bad enough, but I pre­sume the Eskom board and top man­age­ment will get their huge bonuses to re­ally rub our noses into their in­com­pe­tence. A DIM VIEW HUGE SALARY While we worry about load-shed­ding, the price of petrol and the price of chicken, pon­der this: Eskom CEO Phaka­mani Hadebe’s salary is [pur­ported to be] R404,201.58, an­nual R8,521,128.

H FRAHM, KRAGGA KAMMA, PORT EL­IZ­A­BETH LEGALISE CRIMES At last, a so­lu­tion for the prob­lem of the crimes of rob­bery, theft and fraud: the gov­ern­ment should sim­ply legalise or de­crim­i­nalise them as in the case of dagga and pros­ti­tu­tion. Oh, and don’t for­get to ex­punge the words rob­bery, theft and fraud from our na­tional vo­cab­u­lary, and re­place them with the per­fectly le­gal ap­pel­la­tion, ex­pro­pri­a­tion with­out com­pen­sa­tion.

J J OSSHER NEARLY KILLED BY MIL­I­TARY BUS On Tues­day I was nearly killed when a mil­i­tary sin­gle-decker bus jumped the traf­fic lights at the Stand­fontein Road-La Roche Drive in­ter­sec­tion. Had I not been lis­ten­ing to my car ra­dio and as a re­sult a bit slow in pulling away, I would most cer­tainly have been hit.

When is the traf­fic depart­ment go­ing to start tak­ing ac­tion against this now com­mon prac­tice? It is so ob­sessed with fin­ing mo­torists for trav­el­ling at 71km/h down­hill, which is not go­ing to cause any harm.

KAY KAY, SUMMERSTRAND, PORT EL­IZ­A­BETH TRIM FO­LIAGE ON WIL­LOW ROAD Please trim the trees/shrubs that are en­croach­ing on Wil­low Road and scratch­ing cars that drive there daily. IAN GAVIN SUGAR USED TO BE BIG EX­PORT Hor­ri­fied to read SA is im­port­ing sugar from Brazil (“Bit­ter R266m blow for sugar im­porter”, De­cem­ber 5). Be­fore the ANC [came into power], Dur­ban was a ma­jor ex­porter of sugar for for­eign ex­change. BOB


It’s amaz­ing that there is such a brouhaha by some teach­ers af­ter their hol­i­day has been short­ened. Two 10-day breaks and two three-week breaks add up to nine weeks hol­i­day a year. Show me any other pro­fes­sion that of­fers this perk. The ma­jor­ity of the work force out there has three weeks per an­num va­ca­tion.

Sure the teach­ers some­times work longer hours than they might like, but you chose the pro­fes­sion. I have a son as a teacher and an­other as a doc­tor, and they take the rough with the smooth as they both chose their pro­fes­sions.

So please, spare a thought for the mor­tals who too work long hours with a min­i­mum break each year.

THE WHOLE NINE WEEKS START WITH SAPS IT­SELF Bheki Cele should have started with a cleans­ing process within SAPS. Rot is still man­i­fested within. Crime will never be re­duced un­less crim­i­nals are elim­i­nated.

READER FU­TURE SLUMS? Are res­i­den­tial com­plexes and clus­ter houses the fu­ture “slums ” of the coun­try? What hap­pened in the UK? A MYBURGH, RICH­MOND HILL, PORT EL­IZ­A­BETH

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