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Too of­ten drivers find them­selves stranded by the side of the road due to an is­sue that could eas­ily have been pre­vented – or re­solved – had they had the right kit in their cars.

This es­sen­tial items list from Colin Mor­gan, of car re­tailer getWorth, will help en­sure you stay safe, com­fort­able and pre­pared on short or long car trips.


● Tyre care: Most cars come with a spare tyre and tyre jack, but al­ways check these are in fact in your car and that the spare is in­flated suf­fi­ciently be­fore trav­el­ling any­where.

Also keep a span­ner tool­kit in the car.

A tyre re­pair kit or punc­ture plugs, as well as a mini air com­pres­sor that con­nects to your car’s 12V adapter and can in­flate your flat tyre quickly is use­ful;

● Jumper ca­bles: These can help you if your bat­tery dies and can help some­one else who might be stuck;

● Car man­ual: Keep it in the cubby hole to re­fer to when you are not sure what a warn­ing light means or where to find some­thing like the fuse box;

● Mul­tipur­pose util­ity tool: You can’t keep an en­tire tool­box in your car so a Swiss Army knife or Leather­man is a good op­tion;

● Tow rope: If you have bro­ken down you will need a tow rope.


● First aid kit: You can as­sem­ble one your­self or buy one al­ready as­sem­bled for you;

● Pep­per spray/Taser: If you are stranded in a re­mote area you will want some­thing to pro­tect your­self with;

● Traf­fic tri­an­gle: It is com­pul­sory to have one in your car in SA.

It in­creases your car’s vis­i­bil­ity to other mo­torists in the event of a break­down;

● Torch: This comes in handy if you need to check an en­gine’s nooks and cran­nies or to pro­vide light for other mo­torists if you have bro­ken down in the dark;

● R100 emer­gency cash: This will be use­ful if you run out of fuel;

● Re­flec­tive vest: It’s im­por­tant to be vis­i­ble if you break down in the dark or need to help with an­other ac­ci­dent;

● Emer­gency num­bers: Keep these in a safe place.


● Bot­tle of wa­ter and non-per­ish­able snacks: A litre of wa­ter will keep you hy­drated if needed and fix an over­heat­ing car.

Snacks will be come in handy if you are stuck for a long pe­riod of time;

● Headache, anti-nau­sea and anti-di­ar­rhoea tablets: On a long, wind­ing road, there is a high prob­a­bil­ity some­one will get car sick;

● A warm blan­ket: In the event you are stuck in the cold;

● Rain­coat: For if you have to change a tyre in the rain;

● Tis­sues and hand sani­tiser;

● Fire ex­tin­guisher: Keep a small one in the car as a fire can hap­pen at any time;

● Your driver’s li­cence: If you are caught with­out it, you will be fined up to R1,000.

ANY EVENTUALITY: It’s im­por­tant to have the right kit in your car

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