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For the past six months or so I have been part of a Face­book group called “Aban­doned build­ings South Africa”.

When I joined the group there were [pic­tures of] build­ings on farms or maybe a shop that wasn’t used any­more, but this year there were pic­tures posted of old train sta­tions and of­fices.

There were also pic­tures of dif­fer­ent mu­nic­i­pal swim­ming pools through­out SA.

It is ab­so­lutely shock­ing that this is the state of most old build­ings and CBD ar­eas in SA.

While I looked through all these pic­tures I couldn’t help but won­der why all of these places are not used any­more.

There was a hos­pi­tal com­plex some­where in Gaut­eng that still had equip­ment in, but it had not been used in the last 15 years.

Why can these build­ing not be used to house stu­dents?

Why were the pools left to de­cay to a point where they are to­tally un­us­able?

In Port El­iz­abeth alone there are hun­dreds of build­ings that can be used.

Look at the old [part of the] Provin­cial Hos­pi­tal com­plex.

Why can’t pri­vate fund­ing be ob­tained to fix up the build­ing and it an be used as a re­search hos­pi­tal?

I un­der­stand that this will take mil­lions of rands to be achieved, but surely some­thing can be done.

Why can the gov­ern­ment not step up and come to the party to sort out these sim­ple is­sues?

I said it be­fore and I am say­ing it again: the ANC gov­ern­ment can­not gov­ern.

With the help of the EFF it is only good to fuel ra­cial ha­tred and worry about chang­ing street names and where the next KFC meal is com­ing from.

SA is at a cross­road and un­for­tu­nately it is too late to change.

The ANC and its min­ions have stolen so much that even if things change it will take years of good gover­nance to rec­tify the bad de­ci­sions of the past. This coun­try is lit­er­ally fall­ing apart.

Crime is an­other prob­lem in this coun­try that is not a big prob­lem for the ANC, in my opin­ion any­way.

The peo­ple in the north­ern ar­eas of Port El­iz­abeth have been suf­fer­ing for years.

It is point­less build­ing po­lice sta­tions as the po­lice can’t do any­thing.

The thugs laugh at them. There is no more re­spect for the law.

The po­lice can’t even go to sort out a small area with a few gang­sters.

Half of the po­lice are not fit to be clean­ers and the other half who can do the job can’t do any­thing, be­cause of the hu­man rights of these thugs.

The peo­ple who are suf­fer­ing go to vote ev­ery elec­tion for the same or­gan­i­sa­tion that is do­ing noth­ing for them just be­cause of the skin colour of the politi­cians.

Late last year there was a wa­ter pipe that was worked on that left the res­i­dents of Jack­sonville with­out wa­ter.

They had so much to say re­gard­ing the ward coun­cil­lor and that he was not do­ing his job.

What do they ex­pect the ward coun­cil­lor to do?

Must he go to fix the pipe him­self?

Late in 2018 our not-so-re- spected coun­cil­lor, Andile Lungisa, said bucket toi­lets were a prob­lem and pleaded for time to get it sorted out as it was not an easy task.

When the DA coali­tion was run­ning Nel­son Man­dela Bay the ANC and the EFF would have made a mas­sive noise if the DA coali­tion had said this.

My sug­ges­tion is that these lib­er­a­tors and hon­ourable politi­cians de­cide what they want for SA as you can­not hate ev­ery­thing that is from the Western world and want to be true Africans, but yet you en­joy the lux­u­ries of the Western world.

Fix this coun­try and let ev­ery­body en­joy the fruits of it.

The only right we have in SA is that all cit­i­zens have the right to be robbed blind and not get what they pay for.

Rudi van der Bank Al­goa Park, Port El­iz­abeth

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