Were all plants aliens?

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“Dis­as­ter wait­ing to hap­pen” (Jan­uary 8): I agree that the piles of dead bush are a huge fire haz­ard, but let’s go back to the be­gin­ning.

Is it re­ally pos­si­ble that not a sin­gle item of flora re­moved was indige­nous, and that ev­ery sin­gle plant or bush or tree was “alien” and had to be re­moved and de­stroyed – even to the ex­tent of us­ing a front end loader! Was there any form of su­per­vi­sion by a knowl­edge­able in­di­vid­ual?

And so now we have a bar­ren piece of ground and there seems lit­tle chance of rain to dampen down the soil blow­ing away. JS Port El­iz­abeth

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