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If you’re already a fan of Coffeetear­ia, the new café at the Thokan’s Centre in Lion’s River, you’ll know their coffee is absolutely first class. Delicious and more-ish.

But for those who prefer tea, this venue is also for you. Apart from the regular rooibos, camomile, decaf and Ceylon teas we find in all coffee shops, Coffeetear­ia also stocks a mindboggli­ng 13 varieties of loose-leafed speciality teas.

How does lemongrass and spearmint grab you? Or ginger and honeybush? Or Pu-eah? Or even – and this is truly unique! – dan gui piao xiang?? There are also your more standard oolong, Darjeeling, Thailand green, marsala chai and Earl Greys

My recommenda­tion? First order the dan gui piao xiang (known as blooming tea, in China)! These beautiful display teas are a delight for eyes and tastebuds, being, in actual fact, mini floral bouquets that bloom when water is poured over them.

Created by skilled artists in China who hand-tie jasmine-scented green tea leaves around a dried flower blossom, the end result is a small tea ball with a unique sweet scent and flavour. Submerged in hot water the bloom opens.

The aromas of both flowers and tea leaves are very well preserved and these exceptiona­l teas develop a wonderful flavour and create, at the same time, an absolutely fascinatin­g tablepiece.

Coffeetear­ia is open seven days a week, from 7am.

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